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Our innovative platforms use predicating analytics and integrated solutions pathways to identify cost-savings opportunities while also engaging members. Our platform, zAnalytics, identifies a multitude of data including information on chronic conditions and inefficient use of care services to develop action plans. Additionally, our proficient member-facing app zConnect improves member engagement while steering members towards cost-saving actions.

zAnalytics: Data Analysis

Through zAnalytics, employers have access to a wealth of data and analysis to better understand their healthcare spend and identify cost-saving opportunities. The data includes condition cost drivers, ER utilization, pharmacy spend, and more. Additionally, employers can unify and customize member's health plan experiences through personalized platform notices, messages, texts, and targeted campaigns. 

Condition costs report
ER utilization report
Pharmacy spend report
Gaps in care report

Connect: Improve Member Engagement

zConnect is a member-facing mobile app that drives engagement while assisting members in making informed decisions about their healthcare. Members can review their benefits, claim-related information, and their medical and pharmacy usage. These features are aligned to improve a member's overall health while driving actions, mitigating risks, and saving costs. Through zConnect, members can access information on providers, cost-saving recommendations, and streamlined chat features.

Provider Search

Our integrated provider search is an additional resource that is user-friendly and allows members to search for low-cost and high-quality providers in the area. Members simply fill in a few questions and quickly yield a list of providers. Moreover, the provider search will also accommodate narrow networks for employers that have steerage built into their plan designs.


Additionally, members can improve their overall health and streamline their decision-making through our notifications and recommendations. Members have access to a list of personalized recommendations and notifications to help them make informed decisions. For example, members have access to a list of recommended urgent care facilities--which can be a cost-effective option instead of an ER visit.

AI Chat Capabilities

Through an automated chat, members can have answers to common questions such as the amount of their copay or whether a certain doctor is in-network. If the AI chat is unable to answer questions, members will be prompted to customer service. 


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