Employee Benefits Services

UltraBenefits provides employers with innovative solutions for implementing and managing their employee benefit plans as a TPA, or third party administrator. Our core values of honesty, integrity, and cost-effectiveness are evident in our high-quality services listed below. After reviewing them, learn about the UltraBenefits Difference or contact us to speak with our helpful team members.

Employee Benefits Claims Processing and Plan Administration

As a TPA, or third-party administrator, UltraBenefits does the work for you by designing, implementing, and administering health and welfare plans. Our goal is to simplify employee benefits which include medical, dental, and vision. Our services also cover short-term disability and prescription drugs. Plus, our COBRA administration relieves you of the difficulty of COBRA compliance and execution. We will handle COBRA eligibility, records, and all associated processes efficiently. 

Further, our valuable medical management programs also include:

  • Summary Plan Descriptions
  • Employee Communications
  • Online Administration
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangements

TPA Managed Care Services

We know that each client is unique, so we recognize the importance of thoroughly managed care services. As a TPA, we offer solutions and support that helps you establish optimal employee benefits at a diminished cost. We can administer custom benefits that meet the needs of all employers and employees with our regional and national preferred provider networks.

Our Utilization Management, which includes catastrophic case management, ensures employees will have proper care while managing costs. Additionally, we manage medical and surgical bill audits and hospital audits. An essential aspect of our services includes our managed prescription programs that integrate preferred pharmacy networks, drug utilization review, and incentives for patients, pharmacists, and physicians alike.

Premium and Fee Billing Services

UltraBenefits offers cost-effective premium and fee billing services that simplify processes and offer options that meet the needs of employers and employees. Our TPAs will also manage life insurance, stop-loss insurance, and administrative fees. 

Alleviate Your Stress with Our Employee Benefits Plans

Overall, we know managing employee benefits can be both financially and resourcefully burdensome. At UltraBenefits, our flexible, innovative, and high-quality TPA services can ease that stress while reducing costs. Contact us for more information to get started today.

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